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The Mallows Handcrafted Organic Marshmallows - Rich Vanilla by Bianca Valentine

£ 9.95 GBP

Marshmallows with a large sense of creativity and magic. The Mallows are made with passion and born from a desire to make  the best organic gourmet marshmallows. 

The assortment includes both fluffy marshmallows and marshmallows coated in luxury chocolate. Our marshmallows are organic and we only use natural flavours.

To share our passion for this "special guilty pleasure", we created characters to describe the emotions and story behind every single marshmallow. Six characters with individual personalities and a huge love for marshmallows were born.

Fully organic Vanilla marshmallows

Weight: 150g

cane sugar*, glucose syrup*, water, dextrose*, gelatin (bovine), 0,2% natural vanilla flavour. *organic. Store in a dark, dry place.


Bianca’s great-great grandfather was a hardworking man. He founded vanilla plantations, and had rich and lazy children. Her family has been rich and lazy ever since, but Bianca is industrious. She is only 23 and has 7 businesses. She owns a high-end clothing boutique called Bianca’s Closet (and that’s pretty much what it is). She also has a dog grooming salon and a sky bar. Bianca’s great with people and bad with numbers. Luckily, her accountant handles the latter. He calls her Vanilla Girl and says, she can do anything she sets her mind to.

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