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Naive Chocolate Equator Collection - Dark With Incan Berry

£ 7.95 GBP

Incan Berry is a dark chocolate with 65% cacoa and Incan Berries.

Each 57g bar is housed in beautifully desgined packaging and makes a perfect gift.

Bright orange in colour, the miniature tomatoes silently climb their green moustache into the bright sky. The melody of their ripeness and sourness is so good it causes goosebumps and puts the mind into a state of trance. Crunchy bits of Incan berries tickle the tongue while melting and mixing together with rich dark chocolate. This is a true Incan chocolate bar, sweet and sour at the same time. Some people even think this is the 3000-year-old recipe invented by the Incan Gods themselves!

Ingredients: cacao*, sugar*, cacao butter*, incan berries*. May contain traces of nuts, sunflowers and milk. Cacao min. 65%. Keep it dry and cool, max 18C. *-organic

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