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Supertea Organic Tea - The Supreme Tea Selection

Save 20%
£ 45.00 GBP
£ 36.00 GBP

Supertea is a collection of organic blends, based on super foods, including super teas, super herbs, super fruits and/or super spices. Organically sourced in small batches. Created by Teministeriet (Tea Ministry) In Sweden.

The Supreme Tea selection contains a box of each of the following:

Ayurveda Restore
Aronia Berries
Matcha Mandarin
Green Tea and Coconut
Lemongrass and Ginger
Seven Herb Wellness
Green Tea Mint
Turmeric Ginger
Liquorice Fennel
Mrs. Grey

Each box contains 20 individually wrapped biodegradable tea bags.

A saving of over 20% than purchasing them individually.