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Haan Hand Sanitizer - Pack of 3 x 30ml Spray Bottles

£ 17.50 GBP

Keep your hands clean and moisturized with our Haanitizer Pocket in just a few seconds. Kill 99.99% of most common germs and bacteria with a small spray from the bottle which is 100% Recyclable.

Our formula is a mix of 65% Alcohol, fragrance and aloe vera - keeping germs and bacteria away without drying your hands.

Five fragrances to choose from:

Wood Night
A dark cedarwood entangled with pine tree and a wet earthy base

Morning Glory
Delicate, subtle and floral notes wrapped around a fresh green tea note with a grapefruit base

Sunset Fleur
Feminine breeze with a floral bouquet base.

Dew of Dawn
Hints of green freshness come from green roots, a fresh-cut grass note base and a light touch of galbanum.

Citrus Noon
Effervescent, shiny and fresh with a citrusy orange base and a tonic bubble effect.


Each bottle has 30ml, which equates to 400 sprays.  It is recommended to use four sprays per use, which gives up to a month of use per bottle.