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Naive Chocolate Equator Collection - Dark With Orange Liquorice

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Orange Liquorice is a dark chocolate with 66% cacoa with orange and liquorice.

Each 57g bar is housed in beautifully desgined packaging and makes a perfect gift.

The deep and dark roots of liquorice suck the flavour from the deep oceans of the cosmos. Complex and extraordinary liquorice aftertastes develop slowly by connecting to citrusy orange flavour particles through their roots. When the time is ripe, these flavour particles are carefully transferred into a dark chocolate bar. The symbiosis of liquorice, orange and chocolate is so special because it is a combination that cannot be received with indifference ‰öÕ this combination is only for the bravest among us!

Ingredients: cacao*, sugar*, cacao butter*, liquorice*, orange oil*, sea salt. May contain traces of nuts, sunflowers and milk. Cacao min. 63%. Keep it dry and cool, max 18å¡C. *-organic

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