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Why We Love Haan Hand Sanitisers

Why We Love Haan Hand Sanitisers

At the start of the year, no one could have predicted that one of the most sought-after products for the year ahead would be one so mundane and ordinary as the 30ml hand sanitizer. As with most things over the past 6-8 months, we have come to expect the unexpected which lead to these flying off the shelves at unprecedented rates and caused widescale shortages at one point. As everyone begins to adjust to this slightly new way of ‘post-covid’ life, different takes on these newly popular products has meant that increased innovation and creativity is being seen in the marketplace and some really cool products are coming out of it. A prime example of this is Haan Hand sanitiser!

The Company

Haan is a Spanish hand sanitiser and personal care company founded by Eric Armengou & Hugo Rovira in 2018. They pride themselves on being part of a new generation of companies that want to help be shape the world around them and have a positive impact on their environment and humankind at the same time. Their business falls into two parts; providing high-quality innovative products as well as helping to create social change in developing countries.

One way in which they achieve the latter is through their focus on the on activity that raises awareness and works on eradicating the world water crisis. They do this by donating 20% of their profits to various water projects across Africa, which has lead to the sale of one 30ml bottle of their hand sanitiser providing the estimated equivalent of 134 litres of clean water to communities in countries across the continent. Simply amazing!


The Product & Packaging

Now on to the actual products themselves. Haan pride all their products on three main qualities; they are easy (affordable price and easy to use), they’re trendy (clean & appealing design) and finally, they’re portable (travel and pocket friendly). All flavours of their incredible hand sanitisers are themed around different ‘day moods’ ranging from dawn to the middle of the night, and with this comes different vibrant colours to go along with this mood. What is your favourite colour? Additionally, the packaging is recyclable and provides an alternative to avoid the wastage that comes with washing your hands (2 litres of water is wasted every time you wash your hands!).

Haan hand sanitisers also smell incredible with scents ranging from delicate floral notes of Morning Glory to the dark cedarwood tones of Wood Night. The sanitiser itself is made from a formula of 65% alcohol, fragrance, and aloe vera which helps to keep germs away but also ensure your hands remain hydrated.


Our Range

We currently stock five of the Haan range, as well as two different multipacks for you to try. Have a browse here!


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