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Try vegan! Our top picks this Veganuary.

Try vegan! Our top picks this Veganuary.

Whether you're committed to change for good or dabbling this Veganuary, we've got some top picks that are sure make things easier. From foodies to skin-care enthusiasts, Beyond Living are here to support you to go a little greener in 2022. 

#1 GinChup

 A 3* winner at the 2021 Great Taste Awards. This sauce is anything but ordinary. Infused with Bobby’s, a fine and balanced distilled gin that contains 8 botanicals, GinChup is guaranteed to give you fresh, zesty and clean flavours with a classic touch. It won't get you drunk, but it will get things going!

Sandwich suggestion: Portobello mushroom, spinach, smoked vegan cheese, onion chutney and GinChup.

#2 HAPPI Chocolate

"I am so happy to have finally found some delicious vegan chocolate!"

"All bars are great quality and good taste..
Salted Caramel is lovely! A++"

"Lovely and creamy, delicious. Will definitely be buying again."

We'll let the reviews speak for themselves! 

The HAPPI brand is about great quality, healthier free from alternatives to popular indulgent treats and snacks. It is sustainably and ethically sourced and packaged, and ultimately TASTES GREAT.

#3 HAAN Sanitiser - Morning Glory

A team favourite here at Beyond Living.

Not only can we appreciate the name of this product, but the commitment from HAAN to use recycled materials, make their products biodegradable and create great formulas to take care of you inside and out! 100% and cruelty free, this isn't just skin-care but a focus to care more in 2022.

#4 RIVSALT - Black Kala Namak

These rocks are truly a secret ingredient, especially in the vegan cuisine, as it adds an eggy, tangy and slightly smoky taste due to its high sulphur content. The flavours make it perfect for many vegan dishes like tofu scramble, chickpea omelettes and in various fruit salads. 

A true gastronomic experience happening in your own kitchen!


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