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The Best Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend/Husband This Valentine’s Day

The Best Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend/Husband This Valentine’s Day

This years ‘stay at home’ Valentine’s Day is going to be a bit different than usual but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it one to remember. Although you may not be going out to a restaurant or bar, by getting one of the gifts on this list, we’re sure it’ll make up for this and help to make February 14th extra special.
The must-have sauce of 2021! We love everything about this condiment (aswell as the classic Gin-Mayo obviously) and just know your significant other will too. It’s subtle gin flavour gives it a tangy kick that makes it perfect for burgers & hot dogs, seafood and loads more dishes.
Everyone loves a bit of self-care which is what makes this valentine’s gift box perfect. This nourishing 250ml vegan hand lotion and 250ml vegan body wash in the scent woody chypre is gift wrapped in a vibrant gift box and we offer two different designs of this on our website.
Whether you slay that guitar, 70’s was your decade or you just rock at life – the You Rock Candle Hand is always a gift that is appreciated. We have loads of different colours and we think these look so perfect on a fire place or a book shelf.
No one likes dry lips so this natural lip balm from Solidu Cosmetics is perfect, especially in the winter months. It’s made from all-natural ingredients such as organic cocoa butter, natural beeswax, coconut & almond oils and is definitely a pocket-essential in our opinion.
Everyone loves a BBQ which is what makes this Rivsalt BBQ Salt Block the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day (even if we are a few months away from BBQ weather). Simply add oil to the top surface and heat up the rock slowly to turn it into a sizzling cooking surface that also flavours your food evenly. It’s ideal for meat, fish, shellfish, and vegetables, or even as a chilled serving plate for sushi or fresh fruits.
Another Rivsalt staple makes the last slot on our Valentine’s list with the incredible Rivsalt Chili. Whether you grate it over risottos, pastas or tacos, chili gives every dish a fiery aroma and makes it a great gift for any foodie.
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