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How To Unwind In Self-Care Awareness Month

How To Unwind In Self-Care Awareness Month

Considering how difficult a year 2020 has been for a vast majority of the world, everyone could do with taking a bit of time to think about themselves and give themselves some ‘self-care’ from time to time. Whether this means making sure you get enough sleep, see friends regularly or go on the occasional (online) shopping spree, this blog is here to give you some useful tips and tricks to make sure you spend the rest of September (self-care awareness month!) in as much of a positive and relaxed mind state as possible.


Get Moving

For many people, resisting having a sedentary lifestyle can be difficult, especially with the modern-day pressures of work and family to deal with, sometimes going to the gym can seem like more of a chore than something you want to do. However, exercising regularly can be one of the best ways to help you achieve a positive mind state and overall increase happiness. The process of setting fitness goals and achieving them can help to generate a feeling of personal development and this of course can be super rewarding! Of course, we understand at the moment going to the gym isn’t always an option for everyone due to loads of reasons, but there are loads of other options to suit these needs. Outdoor boot camps, YouTube Yoga and Pilates videos or just going for a run have been some of the most popular ways to stay fit when gyms were closed, due to the often cheaper cost, ease and lack of contacted needed with others. Whatever your preference, try and get moving as much as you can!


Rest & Relaxation

With Autumn nearly here, the days are getting much shorter (and unfortunately colder). If this is enough to let wildlife to get more rest and, in some cases, hibernate, it’s sensible to assume that the same could be said for humans. With the average adult in the UK getting around 6 hours sleep per night, this is way under the 7 to 9 hours that is recommended. Although the amount of sleep required depends on lots of different factors (age, gender, genes etc), for most of us, getting enough sleep is something that can quite often be neglected in terms of caring for ourselves. This rest can also come in the form of relaxation like having a bath, meditating, or doing low-energy activities like reading a book or newspaper. By incorporating some of these things into your day as well as trying to up your hours of shut-eye, this can have massive benefits including increased energy, a clearer state of mind and the feeling of being less tense/stressed.

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Stay Social

For most of us, one of the most challenging things at this year and the pandemic has been the distance it has put between us and our loved ones. Although calls on Zoom and FaceTime have there place, nothing can compare to face to face contact with your favourite people to help boost your mental health. Whether this is weekly catch ups with friends or just telling your family members about what you’ve got going on, staying social can be key in your self-care regime and is definitely something that is overlooked by many of us.


Thanks for reading our latest blog and we hope you found some our tips useful in to how to improve the way you care for yourself. If there’s any topics you want us to cover in feature blogs, feel free to let us know in the comments on Instagram.

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