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How To Smash The Back To School Period

How To Smash The Back To School Period

I don’t know about you but when I was younger, the phrase “back to school” that used to be plastered around shop windows and on TV more and more as the month of August rolled on, used to bring about so many emotions as the return to school grew closer. From the excitement of seeing friends to the anxiety of having new classes and exam preparation, this time of year can be a stressful one for parents, children and teachers alike. Additionally, this year's back-to-school time also has the added component of Covid-19 to deal with, meaning that there are lots of extra things to consider when sending your children back to school. We’ve decided to put together a blog of some useful tips for the best way to feel prepared over the coming weeks and help ensure your child’s September is as stress-free as possible. Enjoy!


Uniform & Essentials

Probably one of the least pleasurable parts of getting your kids ready to go back to school is the inevitable trip to the school uniform provider and then onto shoe shops and stationery stores. The uniform can often be particularly frustrating as it's firstly always expensive (with the added sense that the kids are going to grow out of this stuff in a few months anyway), as well as there being a high chance trousers are going to get ripped and buttons are going to come off of shirts.

Now due to Covid, a lot of this year’s uniform will be bought online with numerous providers doing free returns if there is an issue. Also, as long as schools don’t require students to buy branded products directly from them (a lot still do so make sure you check!), supermarkets provide cheap alternatives of a similar quality that can help save on the pennies.

Additionally, this year, kids are going to have to go to school prepared with all the essentials that 2020 has sprung upon us. face masks, hand sanitisers and more are going to be mandatory in most places so it’s important you have a good amount of these from the outset to help prevent any unnecessary stress.


Preparation & Routine

Now you’ve got the uniform and everything else the kids need, now is time to actually get mentally prepared for the coming weeks. When you look at any parenting blog, one of the key things everyone talks about is making sure a routine is formed from the outset that everyone sticks to. Now this will obviously vary depending on loads of factors (age, home-life etc) but if you get a routine and stick to it from the jump, it should put everyone’s mind at everyone gets used to it.

For a lot of people this can be as simple as no screen time after a certain time, eating dinner round the table together or even just laying uniform out before bed to avoid any panic in the morning. By incorporating these kind of simple things into your daily routine, it can help everything else fall in to place.


Parent Admin & Schoolwork

One of the best ways to help ease the stress of back to school is to ensure any paperwork and school work is done before the night before going back. This might include getting any forms and payments sorted well in advance and then these can be put to the back of your mind. Stuff like initial forms for start-of-term school trips and payments for school dinners can cause major stress if left to the first Monday back, so it’s always good to get these sorted as soon as possible.

Once these are done, the emphasis can be put on mentally preparing everyone for returning to school. Emotions are likely to be high and they may range from excitement to seeing their friends after such a long period off, to nerves regarding what school is going to be like in this post-Covid world. Make sure you talk to your kids about any issues they may be concerned about and try to put their minds at ease in the best way you see fit. Reassure them that everyone is going to be nervous about it but everyone (including their school) will be doing everything they can to make the whole process as simple and stress-free as possible. Obviously things are going to be a bit different but it’s nothing to be worried about and try to make them focus on all the positives such as seeing friends and learning new things in class.


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog and we hope some of the areas covered have been helpful in making the back to school period as easy as possible! If you want us to cover a certain topic in a future blog please get in touch.


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