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How To Level Up Your BBQ This Summer

How To Level Up Your BBQ This Summer

Summer is nearly here apparently which means it is the time for everyone to blow the dust off their BBQs. The UK is a nation of BBQ-lovers so its important to know what you’re doing behind the grill to impress your friends and guests. That’s why we’ve put together this blog with a few simple but essential tips to help ensure your BBQ is one to remember.
Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail
Probably the most important tip for any successful BBQ is to plan out everything before. This includes what you’re eating, how much, timings, equipment needed, who’s coming, side dishes and more. Sound like a lot? As long as you have a think about these things a day or two before you’ll be fine. Also have a think about storage before and after for leftovers!
Charcoal & Smoke
What makes the BBQ a unique method of cooking is the smoky flavour that you can create which makes the type of charcoal and smoking wood chips you use especially important. Lump charcoal is fast lighting with a burn time of around an hour, a good choice if you are cooking a wide range of meat. Briquettes on the other hand can burn for up to three hours at a consistent temperature, making them ideal for grilling roasting joints.
Additionally, grab some smoking wood chips to chuck on to the flame to add even more taste to your grilled goods. Pimento, hickory and even Jack Daniels flavour chips are super popular and for good reason.
Get the Right Tools
A poor workman blames his tools but when you’re hosting a BBQ the quality of the products, you’re using definitely makes a big difference. Invest in a high quality grill, utensils and the rest to make sure your BBQ is a success.
Test & Rest
No one wants food poisoning so make sure to test your meat before you serve it. You can either buy a food thermometer or if you don’t have one slice in to the meat to check whether the juices run clear and there is no pink meat. Once the meat is cooked to your liking it’s a good idea to rest it for a few minutes. This allows it to reabsorb its juices and become more tender.
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