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How To Celebrate National Wine Day

How To Celebrate National Wine Day

A fine glass of Merlot or Chardonnay is something that many of us enjoy every now and then. Wine can be savoured with cooking, while socialising with friends, or while binge-watching our favourite Netflix series but did you know it also has some secret health benefits? According to some studies, drinking a moderate amount of red wine may have some positive effects on reducing the chance of getting cardiovascular diseases?
25th May is National Wine Day so have a read below for some tips on how to celebrate in style!
Treat Yourself To A High Quality Bottle
Although everyone has their go-to bottle of budget wine, on national wine day we think it’s only right you treat yourself to some of a more premium quality. If you’ve had your eye on something like this for a while, now is the perfect time to get it and indulge. Keep an eye out online for some of the best offers as well as making sure you follow some wine connoisseurs on social media for the tips on what and where to buy.
Make Some DIY Wine Home Décor
Does your house need some new exciting décor but don’t want to splash out? Repurpose some old wine bottles to add a unique touch to any room in your house. Pinterest is your friend with this one as there are thousands of wine-bottle type décor ideas on there. In our opinion, simple is best with some fairy lights placed inside a couple of empty bottles looking particularly eye-catching.
Go To A Wine Bar
Get out and about and go to your local wine bar to celebrate national wine day. You can find wine bars everywhere across the country so book a table and learn some more about the drink this day is all about.
Upgrade Your Glassware
While the wine itself is the focal point of the day, you can’t really enjoy Wine Day the best wine accessories. If you’re trying to figure out how to celebrate National Wine Day in style, then  go shopping and gift yourself with some awesome accessories that will make your wine tasting even more enjoyable.
Eat Some Wine Flavoured Treats
If you like the taste of wine but don’t want to drink it for any reason, we can think of no better way than eating some wine flavoured goodies to celebrate national wine day. Sweets like the Vinoos Real Wine Gums come in loads of flavours including Merlot, Sparkling, Rose, Chardonnay and more with all of their products also being completely vegan!
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