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Home Improvement Tips & Ideas For The New Year

Home Improvement Tips & Ideas For The New Year

Following Christmas there comes the January blues apparently. Well not this year! There’s no time like the beginning of a new year to give your house a bit of TLC and help make it the best it can be for the year ahead. So, let’s get cracking and use some of the following tips to get your house in order this January.


Declutter Like Your Life Depends On It

Nothing feels than having a nice clear space to space to relax (and more than likely work) in. That is why decluttering is so important when making some improvements to your home. For anything that you don’t want to send to the tip, use platforms such as eBay and Depop to make sure they go to loving homes as well as helping you some often well-needed extra money for January. Alternatively, the good old local charity shop is also a good place to take any unwanted items that need a new home.


Replace The Essentials

Household essentials such as plug points, light bulbs and cables face so much wear and tear over the course of the year. One way to set yourself up for the year ahead is to replace any of these essentials at the beginning of the year that you think might not last until the end. Grubby light switch? Replace! Dodgy hoover wire? Replace! It’s a boring job but these little tasks can make all the difference in making your home into a full on sanctuary.


Let There Be Light

By giving walls a fresh coat of paint, it can completely bring a room to life and give a feeling of freshness which is perfect for the new year. Throw in some texture to the paint, and you’ve just taken home improvement to a whole new level.

Additionally, the actual lighting of a room plays a big role in sprucing up the ambience of any space too. Add a new lamp, some LED strips or even just some new LED bulbs to add some different shades to your house as well as help save on energy.


Go Green To Save On Energy

There’s no time like the present to go green on your energy. Whether this is with a new smart metre, energy efficient light bulbs or changing suppliers, doing this can help save the pennies in the new year. Use comparison sites to find the best deals and then spend that saved money on more exciting household stuff (see next…)


Something New For The Senses

Candles, reed diffusers or a new piece of art for the walls can help give the rooms in your house a real sense of freshness and help to start the year off right. January is also a good time to buy stuff like this too due to sales and promotions that loads of store have on right now.

Capri Blue reed diffusers currently have up to 76% off in our Winter Sale! Click here to shop…


Upcycling Uniqueness

A big trend now is upcycling (taking something old and a bit battered and giving it new life by painting, fixing, and making aesthetic changes to it). This is a great way of getting really cool, unique items in your house at a low price. YouTube tutorials are your friend here as there are millions of videos of people showing you the best way to upcycle in creative ways.

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