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Brand Profile: Solidu Cosmetics

Brand Profile: Solidu Cosmetics


We love all our brands so much and we love shouting from the rooftops about them. So we think it’s only right that we continually share about them so you can fall in love them just as much as we have.

One of our newest brands, Solidu Cosmetics, is a Lithuanian-based eco-friendly cosmetic brand so read below to find out all about them!


The Brand & Values

SOLIDU is an environmentally conscious, innovative cosmetics brand from Lithuania. They create low-waste solid cosmetic products packaged in backyard compostable boxes, such as shampoos, conditioner, body butter and loads more. What makes Solidu special apart from their incredible products, are the core values they have at the centre of everything they do. These include:

All Natural

The ingredients you’ll find in Solidu products are as close to nature as you can get. Instead of sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and parabens, you’ll see things like mango seed butter and rosemary essential oil. The products are also 100% vegetarian, and when they do use a small amount of animal products, it comes in the form of sustainably sourced silk protein and cruelty-free honey.

Zero Waste

More than 552 million shampoo bottles end up in landfills every year. No one likes the wash, rinse, repeat, pollute self-care routine, so Solidu package their products in materials that are 100% compostable and totally free of plastic in paper. Give it just 45 days in your garden compost to naturally break down—no microplastics involved.


All of Solidu products are handcrafted in small batches. Individual human hands are responsible for the quality found in each of the products which means not only is this better for the environment, but it also means products that you can feel good about.


Solidu are a fairly small brand but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t committed to making a big impact. They never test on animals and take pride in searching for partners that do the same.


The Industry

Plastic pollution is one of the biggest threats facing humanity, and plastic waste, such as cosmetic product bottles, takes around 500 years to biodegrade. The global personal care industry is one of the world’s biggest consumers of plastic and when it comes to the bottles and containers that are lining our showers, they contain one main ingredient: water. Solidu products contain 80% less water than most shower and haircare products, instead using only necessary ingredients to make them function and smell amazing.


The Product

All of their products are made only from the necessary elements: skin-loving active ingredients, botanical oils, extracts, and natural essential oils. Being small and compact, they not only do not contain any plastic but also reduce emissions of transportation. SOLIDU packaging is plastic-free as well as paper-free, completely natural, and can be backyard composted in 45 days. The Solidu range includes amazing products like natural lip balms, body butter, shampoo, conditioner, soap and more.


You can shop our full range of Solidu products HERE!

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