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Brand Profile: Nordic Honey

Brand Profile: Nordic Honey

We love all our brands so much and we love shouting from the rooftops about them. So we think it’s only right that we continually share about them so you can fall in love them just as much as we have.
This week’s brand profile features the Estonian brand, Nordic Honey. This delicious gourmet honey range features some amazing products as well as having an interesting history so find out more below.
The Industry
Did you know that Europe is the second largest global producer of honey? However, the continent is not self-sufficient in it’s consumption and relies on around 40% of it’s consumption needs being met by imports from other areas of the globe. This is largely down to the fact that there has been a massive decrease in the output of the continent’s beekeeping sector in recent years, meaning that internal honey supplies continue to fall.
Additionally, this rise in demand for honey has been partly fuelled by the changing attitudes towards sugar and artificial sweeteners. These ingredients are usually viewed as a problem in society due to ever-increasing obesity rates as well as other diseases such as type 2 diabetes. Due to this, consumers now often rely on honey and other similar products to sweeten dishes.
Brand History
Nordic Honey was founded in Estonia in 2014 by Kadri Rytkönen. She had recently left her job in Dubai and moved back to Estonia when she read an article about bees and how honey was made. This sparked something in her mind that made her realise although a lot of us love honey, we don’t really understand the value of it and the process that goes into getting it to us. Kadri wanted to create a honey brand that reflects the beauty of organic honey and help fill what she saw as a gap on the market.
Over the last 7 years, the brand has gone from strength to strength. Their product portfolio has now grown massively to include lots of delicious flavours and styles of honey as well as gift sets and honey utensils. They are also stocked in department stores across the globe.
The Product
At Nordic Honey, they partner with a handful of small apiaries which means they are able to offer high quality and organically certified honey. This means that they are able to produce ethically made honey without having a huge carbon footprint. They are 100% organic because it was important to them to support organic beekeepers which can help protect the eco-system around whilst providing the highest-quality honey possible.
It’s not just the honey that makes Nordic Honey stand out too. They pride themselves massively on the quality and care of their packaging. According to them:
“We believe the details make the difference. From our signature wooden lids handcrafted by a small carpenters workshop to highly durable glass jars from a renowned glass factory, all our products possess integrity and are delivered to you with great care and purpose.”
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