Top tips for treating your Mother this Sunday!

Top tips for treating your Mother this Sunday!

Mothers day is a day to celebrate all mums, stepmums, mother figures, surrogate mums, foster mums, mums that has lost a child, and also dads, who does the job of both mum and dad. A day to thank them for everything they do in the very difficult job of raising us! 

I've only been a mum for a little under 2 years but during these two years, oh my, it's the most difficult job I have ever experienced but also the most rewarding.

Below I've listed my top tips of treating your mum/wife this Sunday.

1. GIVE HER A LIE IN! take the kids up, make breakfast and let her have some extra snooze time.

2. A nice family lunch somewhere you all enjoy.

3. Buy her a candle (Maison La Bouige) make a bubble bath and get her to relax!

4. Write a nice card and tell her how much you appreciate all the work she does.


Very simple yet very effective ways to make your mother/wife feel appreciated and loved.


Here's a link to my favourite candle right now:


X Jo



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pete - March 27, 2019

Love those Maison La Bougie candles, been looking for them in the UK for ages.

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